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Hifa Cybe

Luiza Jesus do Prado

Hifa Cybe (she/her they/them), stage name of Luiza Jesus do Prado (b. 1988 Guaratinguetá, Brazil), is a transdisciplinary artist. Hifa integrates the search for solutions through the intersection between art and science. Her artistic investigation involves traumas, mainly sexual, memories, psychiatric and neurological problems where art acts as a social repair.
Her research specifically involves the use of photography, noise and performance linked to other disciplines, such as technology, biomedicine, physics, neuroscience, biopsychology and psychology. His work suggests reprocessing and recovering memories and desensitizing traumas through the image proposing physical experiments of the camera obscura and the brain machine including studies based on the decoding of technical images, concept of photography, visual anthropology and also and also practical studies that deal with the impacts of the environment and climate change in mental health. Her work proposes a better quality of vision for people with mental illnesses and disorders or who have suffered some type of mental damage that impairs memory such as PTSD.
She is also interested in studies on ayahuasca and psilocybin in mental treatments and also has an interest in issues related to spirituality and ancestry.
Hifa is anti-asylum, adept at psychiatric reform and anti-colonialism in the mental health system.

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Luiza Jesus Prado, known as Luiza Prado is a transdisciplinary artist born in Guaratingueta, Brazil, in 1988. She uses artistic tools such as photography, performance, video art, installation, sculpture, painting, new media, body art, music and drawing along with physics, psychology, neuroscience and philosophy. Her research is specifically on memory. She explores topics of violence, sexual trauma, sociopolitical issues and minorities within Latin America. She has been mentioned as a feminist artist in FFW, Gedelés and O Grito. In 2014, her work "Corpo Estranho" was cataloged in the Portuguese book Evocations of Performance Art – Paco Editorial[4] and since 2010 has been featured in Playboy Magazine, Digital Photographer and Efêmero Concreto among others.[5]

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