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Paweł Kluza

The artist creates images forming transformed primitivism , pointedly focused on the details , grotesque , being sometimes a hasty form of creation. In the initial phase of his output inspired by Nikifor- the compositions and lattices built by him, as well as by exaggerated realism. In the later period of his artistic work, the author came into contact with the Dwurnik’s works and they had the biggest influence on him. He noticed new painting possibilities in them which helped him to find the way to implement his own ideas. From that moment his passion for creating began. It was also then that the first picture in the series „Travels” was created and in which the author found his own artistic path. The artist lives and creates in Żarki Letnisko. Publications & Exibitions: Angora 2015, Katalog Polskiej Młodej Sztuki 2015, Magazyn Dom&Wnętrze 2015, Artysta i Sztuka 2016.

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