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Erik Sigerud

Erik Sigerud

Erik Sigerud (born 1977, Borlänge, Sweden) is a Visual artist working with painting. His work operates in the gap between visual art, the political and painting. And between an problematization of identity and a structuring of conditions. Erik Sigerud is a visual artist that lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.
Sigerud grew up in Västerås and in Falun, in Sweden. He graduated from The École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris with a Master of Fine Arts in 2004. He did a student exchange with the Berlin University of the Arts in 2003. Sigerud also studied critical theory, philosophy, philosophy of art, creative research processes and other visual artist related studies. Erik Sigerud exhibits in solo and group exhibitions throughout Sweden and abroad. Also, his work is in private and public collections. Erik Sigerud is the recipient of many awards and honours.

Erik Sigerud is a visual artist that paints rooms that make up a public sphere. Geometric models of explanation, abstract life energies and images of people collide. The work has a political side. Dialectic encounters between conflicting perspectives on reality aim at expanding on ruling norms. Personal stories encounter deconstructions collective understandings. Political commitments encounter explorations in painting.

Sigerud takes interest in critical and dialectical approaches towards information. The paintings deal with the difference between appearance and meaning. The work problematizes depictions of society, relationships, and reality.

A goal is to contribute to a discussion about painting, art and society. Sigerud paints contemporary contexts without making the paintings depend on the same contexts. The paintings will have to manage without a backstory or a press release.

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