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Ayshia Müezzin

Ayshia Müezzin a.k.a [ a y s h ] (b. 1986) is a British-Cypriot Intermedia artist using printmaking, sculpture, Hi/Lo Tech, New Media, Live Art, Video, 3D and 2D methods in her artwork.

Ayshia studied Intermedia art and Contemporary Art Practice at The University of Edinburgh. She develops collaborative projects using interdisciplinary methods from improvised performances, collaborative New Media and video pieces as well as expressive painting and printmaking. Her curatorial style focuses on bringing diverse artists together, whether emerging or mid-career, and utilises non-hierarchical and explorative methods merged with technology. Themes include Meta-archaeology, Techno-culture, Cyber-culture, Future-studies, Sci-Fi, Cyborg empowerment and Cyber Feminism.

The Anonymous Train Artist project ran from 2016 to 2018, featured on BBC Timeline in 2017 and was funded by ScotRail to engage with the public through drawing. The project consisted of Ayshia drawing 500 illustrations which were either given to strangers, exchanged or left on the train.

Ayshia’s works shown in Glasgow International, Venice Surfaces Festival, The Festival of Contemporary Art in Athens, Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, Screen-print Biennial, and the Transcultural Exchange in Boston, Turkey, Netherlands, Czech Republic, UK and many web-based biennales like the noemata.net, Berlin-UK Arthousehause, MoWNA Biennial and Performative Mundane Acts of the Everyday“, Dfbrll8r Gallery at Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, USA and many virtual exhibitions. Her project 'Anon Train Artists' featured on the BBC. Ayshia also collects Crypto and NFT art on the Blockchain.

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