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Houssam Eddine Hafdi

Houssam Eddine Hafdi

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Paintings series (English)
Houssam Eddine HAFDI ©
cosmopolitanism, identity and the future.

The paintings series 2018 talk about cosmopolitanism, identity and the future. it give approching between great thinkers of 19 and 20th centry Emmanuel kant,Sigmund Freud,Carl Gustav Jung, Ralph Waldo Emerson,Butler judith,michel foucault, Slavoj Žižek and others.. its a research about how enlightenment affected the society, and framing the future. the artist had studied graphic design by coursera with california institute of arts, and the modern the post modern with wesleyan university, and the Postwar Abstract Painting by The Museum of Modern Art New York. and apply modern techniques from abstract expressionism, pop art surrealism, and calligraphy to my work.

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