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Nemanja Vučković

Nemanja Vučković

Nemanja Vučković (Serbia, 1990) is a painter of the younger generation. He graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Niš at the IUNP, in 2017, he completed his master’s studies at the painting department and became a master fine artist in the class of academician Fehim Husković. He is currently studying for a doctorate in the field of painting. He had nineteen solo exhibitions in the country and abroad, and is a participant in over thirty group exhibitions around the world. He has attended many art colonies and symposia and has exhibited at six biennials so far. His works are in many private and public collections.

Most of the works are based on the search for a connection between the energy of nature and human energy at the moment of creation. His work is associated with the painters of Fauvism and abstract expressionism. He has been painting and exhibiting for more than twenty years. He has been a member of ULUS since 2020. His solo exhibition at the Legate House Gallery was nominated for the Politika Award for the best exhibition in 2021.

Solo exhibitions:
2023 - Beograd, Prodajna galerija Beograd - Virtuelna izložba "Hromatski kodovi sopstva"
2023 - Beč, Austrija, Marriott Hotel, Dan državnosti Republike Srbije, "Slobodan let"
2022 - Beč, Austrija, Konzulat Republike Srbije u Beču, "Slobodan let"
2022 – Belgrade, Pomodoro Nuovo, “Magical World”
2022 – Kotor, Montenegro, Kotor City Gallery, “Abstract Touch”
2022 – Lazarevac, Serbia, Modern Gallery Lazarevac, “The wave of love”
2022 – Čačak, Čačak Culture House Gallery, “Spectrum of Emotions”
2022 – Belgrade, Gallery of the Russian Center for Science and Culture “Ruski dom” – “Emotive move”
2021 – Belgrade, Kuće legara Gallery, – “The Secret of Natural Processes”
2019 – Novi Sad, Cultural Center Gallery, Youth Tribune, “Night Picnic”
2019 – Niš, The Hub, club & pub, “Dodir uma”
2019 – Skopje, Macedonia, Gallery KIC salon 2, -“6th International Balkan Exhibition Most”
2017- Niš, Cafe Galerija Paris Art Ame, – “Infinity”
2017 – Niš, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Pavilion in the Fortress, – “Inner state of mind”
2017 – Balchik, Bulgaria, Balchik Gallery – “Achromatic experience”
2017 – Vranje, Gallery of the National University of Vranje – “Achromatic experience”
2016 – Novi Pazar, Gallery of the International University – “Achromatic Landscapes”
2015 – Surdulica, Gallery of the Cultural Center Surdulica – “Emotion”
2005 – Surdulica, Gallery of the Cultural Center Surdulica – “Game”

2023 –Beograd, Srbija, Treći sajam savremene umetnosti, CAF, Umetnički Paviljon "Cveta Zuzorić"
2023 –Zlatibor, Srbija, 14. Art Simpozijum "Vukadinović" - Slikarska dusa istoka 2023
2022 – Struga, North Macedonia, 7th Intentional Art Symposium Struga 2022
2021 – Belgrade, Second Contemporary Art Fair, CAF, Dorćol plac
2020 – Belgrade, First Contemporary Art Fair, CAF, N.EON Gallery
2017 – Balchik, Bulgaria, 10th International Art Colony “European Horizons”
2017 – Blace, Serbia, 100 years since the Toplic uprising
2016 – Balchik, Bulgaria, 9th International Art Colony “European Horizons”
2016 – Niška Banja, Serbia, 1st International Art Symposium
2016 – Plav, Montenegro, International Art Colony Plav
2015 – Plav, Montenegro, 39th Plav literal and artistic symposium
2010 – Plav, Montenegro, International Student Art Colony

2021 – Bandirma, Turkey, Online 1st International Visual Arts Biennial
2020 – Istanbul, Turkey, Engraving Printmaking Biennale 2020
2019 – Vranje, Serbia, Gallery of the National Museum – “7th Biennale of Artists of Vranje”
2017 – Vranje, Serbia, Gallery of the National Museum, “Vranje Biennale of Artists 2017”.
2016 – Beijing, China – “BeiJing Art Fair”
2010 – Tetovo, Macedonia – “International Biennale – small graphics”

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