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Travis Herberger

Travis Herberger

Born and raised in Longview, Texas, Travis Herberger studied at Texas A&M University. His preferred medium is watercolor. The thing is elusive, unpredictable, and independent.

Watercolors by Travis Herberger reflect his surroundings. A lover of the Texas Gulf Coast, Herberger is captivated by its beauty. Also, he loves to include figures in his paintings since people are what make a place come alive. He uses a lot of colors in busy urban settings with lots of people bustling around. For composition's sake, he frequently moves things around, but he rarely eliminates elements for aesthetic purposes.

Despite his love of painting, he spends a lot of time drawing. According to him, they go hand in hand. In addition to sketching on location for his paintings, Travis Herberger also works from photographs. Also, for the past five years, he has been a member of a sketch group that draws live models each week.

Travis Herberger's paintings have been influenced by travel. In addition to spending quite a bit of time in the Caribbean as a child, he has traveled throughout Europe, South and Central America, and Africa. His travels have exposed him to so many colorful cultures.

Travis Herberger has had some wonderful opportunities to have his watercolors featured on fine art show posters, marketing materials, magazine covers, and apparel over the past few years.

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