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EVA is a contemporary artist focused on conceptualization of philosophical aspects of modernism, postmodernism and metamodernism.

EVA was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Since childhood she has been writing poems and studying arts in private studious. Throughout her successful career managing big commercial projects, she was always drawn to art. After years of combining managerial and artistic practices EVA finally chose to concentrate on her professional art career. She graduated with honors from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia (Department of Arts, Master's Degree in Art Studies) and British Higher School of Art & Design (Master’s Degree in Art Studies). EVA is currently studying at the Open College of Art (London, UK) and in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia (post graduate studies).
In her art EVA explores morality, intellectuality and righteousness. She believes that spirituality is the main criterion to assess a person’s development and learning is an indicator of the spiritual development of a person in the pursuit of perfection. For EVA art is a spiritual practice and a means of survival in a world full of distortions and contradictions.
EVA’s personal style has been globally capturing the minds of personal and institutional contemporary art collectors alike. Her art works have become a part of the Pierre Cardin collection, Contemporary Art Civic Museum of Gibellina, Caltagirone Diocesan Museum, Kodra Swiss Foundation and various private collections worldwide.

EVA's artworks have been exhibited in state and private art institutions as well as at numerous significant art fairs worldwide. Among them are London Art Biennale (London, UK), Florence Art Biennale (Florence, Italy), State Oriental Museum (Moscow, Russia), Diocean museum of Caltagirone (Caltagirone, Italy), CICA Museum (Seul, South Korea), GZ-Basel (Basel, Switzerland), Palazzo Doebbing Museum (Sutri, Italy), Start Art Fair (Saatchi Gallery, London, UK), Contemporary Art Centre Winzavod (Moscow, Russia), Pop Up Museum of contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia).

In addition to her art practice, EVA is engaged in academic work in the art branch. She is an author of 15 individual artist monographs devoted to different movements in Russian contemporary art. She is also currently publishing poems in the Russian language.

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