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Georges Papazoff

Жорж Папазов (George Papazov)

Georges Papazoff or George Papazov (in Bulgarian: Жорж Папазов) was a Bulgarian painter and writer. He settled in France and was hailed as "one of the frontrunners of Surrealism". He was friends, among others, with Joan Miró, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee. Art historian Andrei Nakov rediscovered him and prepared a one-man exhibition at the Galerie de Seine in 1971, one year before his death. The monograph "Georges Papazoff: Franc-tireur du surréalisme" was published by Nakov in 1973 in Brussels. A contemporary art gallery in Bulgaria was named after Papazoff.

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George Papazov (Papasoff, Georges) (Bulgarian: Георги Папазов) (2 February 1894, Yambol – 23 April 1972, Vence, Alpes-Maritimes) was a Bulgarian painter and writer. He became prominent in Paris, worked and died in France. Among the first surrealists, and an acquaintance of Joan Miró, Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso.

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