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I grew up in a small town. In 2013 I was shifted from Tamluk to Kolkata for my education, from that time my journey started. From the very beginning, I was painting landscape, later I started depicted urbanization and industries. I observed each corner of the city and busy lifestyle, I realized each and every people of the city was alienated from each other. I started to depict contemporary alienation through my works. In our modern lifestyle, most of us are addicted to social media and connected virtually but we lost our physical bonding. Presently the pandemic situation increases social alienation very badly. Our society fell into deep anxiety and depression. I realize an urgent need to capture the loneliness and social situation in my works. It helps me to document the present social scenario. My eyes are vividly exhausted to see the suffering, pain, and loss. My works are consistently restrained, presenting part of the story or one suggestive aspect. I put many clues but no specific answer and I force the viewer to complete the narrative. I like to do my work with pen, ink, charcoal, watercolour, Acrylic, and Mixed media. It helps me to represent my imagery and it has the power to create my lines and expressions which can make an iconic image in contemporary times.

A new chapter opens in world history. This past year, from March 2020 to the present day, our situation has changed. The whole world has been driven into social disaster. Every day thousands of people die. In my life I have experienced different phases and I hear the song of suffering. In India, with continuous burning, I saw the sky turn into a bloody red, the clouds becoming dark and people crying for their closest loved ones. Deeply tired from seeing this world, I became depressed

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