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Max Gubler

Max Gubler

Max Gubler (born Zürich, May 26, 1898, died Zürich July 29, 1973) was a Swiss artist.

Max Gubler was the son of a painter. His two older brothers Eduard (1891–1971) and Ernst (1895–1958) were also artists. He trained as a primary school teacher between 1914 and 1918 before moving to Berlin in 1920. From 1923-27 he lived mostly on the island of Lipari, where he painted many pictures. From 1930 to 1937 he lived in Paris, before returning to Zürich.

He experimented with various contemporary styles, until developing his own personal vivid style of landscape painting on Lipari. Later he turned to abstraction, but continued to use bright colours. In 1956 he did a series of pastel illustrations for Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. In his late works, darker colours predominate.

His work was shown in many galleries. There were exhibitions of his works at the Lehnbachhaus in Munich in 1963 and the Kunstmuseum Bern in 1969. After his death a retrospective was held at the Kunsthaus Zurich in 1975.

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