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Evan Magar

"In my painting, I want to show the world that exists in between our lines of perception. The compositions that appear on my canvas, blending in harmony to unlock senses below the surface.” Evan Magar, studied at art school, later entered an additional course of painting, (1993), Kyiv, Ukraine. Exhibition (1994-), Oseredok Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB. Simon Patrick Gallery (1999-), Vancouver, BC. Alla Rogers Gallery, Washington, DC. USA. (2003), Solo exhibition (2019), "Colour Emotions'' (2020), "Melody of Spring'' (2021), KUMF Gallery, Toronto, ON. AGO Art Gallery of Ontario (2022), exhibition "Portraits of Resilience Project''. Evan Magar, elected member (2021), of the SCA, (Society of Canadian Artists). Continually refines the style, and the intuitive gesture of calligraphy in his exploration of composition line and colour.

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