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Marjan Eggermont

Marjan Jose Eggermont

Marjan Eggermont is a contemporary artist. She grew up in The Netherlands and immigrated to Canada in 1986. She has a B.A., a B.F.A. and M.F.A. from the University of Calgary and is currently working on a PhD in Computational Media Design, a collaboration between art, design and computer science. Marjan is a faculty member at the University of Calgary in the Mechanical and Manufacturing department of the Schulich School of Engineering and was awarded the ‘Alan Blizzard Award for Collaborative Projects to Improve Student Learning’ in 2004. Marjan’s innovative work has continued to gain recognition, including being named in 2003, one of the 20 most influential artists in Calgary by the Calgary Artwalk Society and as one of 45 international artists featured in “Printmaking at the Edge” by Richard Noyce (2006).

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