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feature New Api fields - Dictionary.url, Artist.AplhabeticalName started
feature Ability to add multiple images per artwork unstarted
feature Add search by image content unstarted
feature Provenance - new field for artwork unstarted
bug Ad Reinhardt paintings are blocked by adblock plugin unstarted
feature Сurrent day in history should support current day unstarted
feature Add support for swipe gesture in gallery unstarted
feature Add "My collection" for registered users [suggested by Szymon] unstarted
feature Add some paintings for error page (404) unstarted
feature Add support for other image formats in addition to jpg unstarted
feature Refresh list of countries unstarted
feature Improve error page (500) unstarted
bug New artists are not shown in Artists - By Alphabet (iOS app) unstarted
feature New text for "Share with twitter" link unstarted
feature API: Dictionaries json should have seoFriendlyUrl in it unstarted
feature API: Get changes to artists/dictionaries after date unstarted
feature Open source wikiart codes unscheduled
bug Align left position for autocomplete with textbox for mobile unscheduled
feature Mark paintings suitable to be a desktop wallpaper with tag 'wallpaper' unscheduled
feature New "Sandwich" menu for mobile devices unscheduled
bug Browser button Back support unscheduled
feature Calculate and represent popular paintings statistics per Artist and per website unscheduled

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