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Yov Kondzelevych

Йов Кондзелевич

Kondzelevych, Yov, born 1667 in Zhovkva, Galicia, died 1740 in Lutsk, Volhynia. Noted icon painter and elder of the Bilostok Monastery in Volhynia. After his training at the Zhovkva School of Artists, he probably studied painting at the Kyivan Cave Monastery Icon Painting Studio and abroad. Some of his numerous works have survived, including a fragment of the Bilostok Monastery iconostasis with depictions of six apostles and of The Dormition; the tabernacle of the Zahoriv Monastery (1695) with paintings of Joachim and Anna, the Trinity, the Baptism, Saint Barbara the Martyr, and Archdeacon Steven; and the famous iconostasis of the Maniava Hermitage, painted in 1698–1705 and transferred in 1785 to the church in Bohorodchany upon the dissolution of the hermitage. In 1923 the iconostasis was deposited in the National Museum in Lviv under the name the Bohorodchany iconostasis. The Dormition, The Assumption, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, Christ and the Samaritan Woman, Christ and Nicodemus, and Saint Michael the Archangel and the Archangel Gabriel on the Deacon Doors are those parts of the iconostasis painted by Kondzelevych himself; the rest of the icons were done by his subordinates. In 1722 Kondzelevych took part in painting the iconostasis of the Zahoriv Monastery. He did the Deacon Doors, Chrjavascript:;ist's Presentation at the Temple, and the Vernicle. His last work was The Crucifixion (1737) for the Lutsk Monastery. Kondzelevych broadened the traditional scheme of the icon significantly: he devoted much attention to the surroundings, particularly to the landscape, which he filled with distinctive architectural ensembles.


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