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The Blue Posts

Patrick Caulfield

The Blue Posts

Patrick Caulfield
  • Date: 1989
  • Style: Cubism, Pop Art
  • Genre: interior
  • Media: acrylic, canvas

In a letter dated March 1990 the artist wrote of this painting 'The Blue Posts refers to yet another public house of that name. It is an establishment without any particular distinction or charm, but conveniently close to my London studio. The suggestion of colour and object in the title was appealing in that they are absent from the painting, which, however, still retains a visual association with the place itself. The painting is an analogy of this place constructed from various other sources and memories'.

During the 1980s he had returned to a more stripped-down aesthetic; in this case, the precise disposition of a few identifiable elements transforms an ostensibly abstract picture into one evoking a vivid sense of place.

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