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My Secret Garden, Valencia

Arne Quinze

My Secret Garden, Valencia

Arne Quinze
  • Date: 2018 - 2019; Spain  
  • Style: Contemporary, Conceptual Art
  • Series: My Secret Garden
  • Theme: Diversity
  • Genre: sculpture, installation
  • Media: aluminium
  • Dimensions: 600 x 550 cm

“My Secret Garden Valencia” presents a series of six public sculptures that will enter into dialogue with the powerful architecture of Santiago Calatrava. Each sculpture of the series addresses the rich diversity of forms, structures and colours found in the Plantea. With “My Secret Garden Valencia”, Arne Quinze calls for a more profound dialogue between nature and culture in the development of our modern society. By challenging his public with unconventional sculptures, he encourages a sociocultural conversation that stimulates creativity and embraces diversity.

Arne Quinze is honoured to be invited by president Cris Gabarrón and curator Juan García Sandoval of The Gabarron Foundation to exhibit his work in Valencia. The Gabarron Foundation and the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia have been collaborating since 2010 to create this wonderful museum space, dedicated to sculptural art: the Umbracle, an open artistic space - designed by world renowned architect Santiago Calatrava - and an extension of the museum itself, known by many as the Paseo del Arte. It was with deep respect that Quinze accepted their invitation and created six sculptures for this exhibition.

Arne Quinze explicitly wishes to thank
• Cris Gabarrón and Juan Garcia Sandoval of the Gabarron Foundation
• Enrique Vidal, General Manager, and Miriam Atienza, Contents Director of the City Of Arts & Sciences museum
• François Fornieri, private collector
• Maruani Mercier gallery

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