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Rock Strangers, Den Haag

Arne Quinze

Rock Strangers, Den Haag

Arne Quinze
  • Date: 2016; Den Haag, Netherlands  
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Series: Rock Strangers
  • Genre: sculpture, installation
  • Media: painted metal
  • Dimensions: 7000 x 4000 cm

For an artist, public space is an ideal place in which to experiment. There exists a tension between the public and the private, the community and the individual. How would we like to experience the space? Arne Quinze’s large-scale sculptures Natural Chaos Rock Strangers, which are to be found outside on the boulevard side of this museum, are all about this. What are these strange intruders doing here, and how should we react to them? For Quinze it is all about provoking these primal emotions of curiosity and surprise.

The sculptures symbolize the artist’s view of the growing difference between nature and culture. Our towns and cities are becoming increasingly monotonous, busy and uninhabitable. By placing the sculptures in our everyday environment, Arne Quinze wants us to become more conscious of the importance of nature in our society.

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