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The way to Eden

Noktys Nokte

The way to Eden

Noktys Nokte
  • Original Title: Calea spre Eden
  • Date: 2018; Romania  
  • Style: Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism
  • Genre: landscape
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

Author’s description:
"This Art work illustrates an avant-garde vision of the origin of life on earth, a vision supported by the followers of the ancient astronaut theory, and more recently by the world's major scientific research institutions ...
According to them, an advanced alien civilization would have colonized Terra 445,000 years ago. Named by the ancients Annunaki, "gods descended from heaven, from stars to earth," they laid the foundations of Sumerian, Akadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations.

There are many texts from those times that speak about gods descended from heaven who settled cities, gave knowledge and impressive technology to the earthlings of that time.
Even in esotericism, mysticism, the Bible, in Genesis 6: 1,2, says that when men became more numerous, the "the sons of the God" descended from heaven and, seeing how beautiful the girls of the humans were, they chose for themselves wifes and their children, says the Bible, were those" brave men"of that time. I mentioned the biblical view, only as a source of alternative documentation for several social classes...

Being the first great civilization in the history of mankind, the Sumerian civilization, with the contribution of "gods descended from heaven„, has also acquired astonishing knowledge of astronomy. On one of the Sumerian clay plates identified VA-243 and currently in the Museum of History in Berlin, our solar system is engraved with all the planets known today, including Pluto. Moreover, it is also mentioned the enigmatic Planet X or Nibiru, the birthplace of Annunaki.

In August 2018, in a press conference,the renowned scientist Michio Kaku said that all Earth's climate changes, including global warming and magnetic anomalies, are signs of the proximity of the planet Nibiru, which disrupts the magnetic field of the earth.

The return of the mysterious planet from which the "gods„ descended on earth is illustrated by the composition of this work.
It is as though Eden is coming near to Terra gather "the chosen, the wise and the pure," the ones with a high spiritual vibration, to save them from the great apocalyptic catastrophe ... "

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Available in Noktys Art House (Workshop)
Tehnical description:
Technique – Oil -Canvas 60 x 60 cm.(With frame 66 x 66 cm)
Finished in year 2018
Author – Stoian Andrei Stefan
This artwork comes from the„Mysteries and enigmas at the frontier of knowledge ”Collection.
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Art House

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