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The Emblem of Japan

Noktys Nokte

The Emblem of Japan

Noktys Nokte
  • Original Title: Emblemă a Japoniei
  • Date: 2018; Romania  
  • Style: Realism, Symbolism
  • Genre: design, still life
  • Media: oil, cardboard
  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

Author’s description:
„The emblematic figure of the country of the sun rises, Geisha is a prototype of femininity specific to a particular cultural tradition.
These young ladies are the living illustration of the gentleness and behavioral refinement at the top of the art.

“Geisha” means “a person of the arts”, a dancer and interpreter of Japanese art traditions. “Geisha” cultural center was and remains Kyoto, where the training of geishas is four centuries old.
Between a child with almond-black eyes, wide open to an overwhelming reality, and the self-confident geiko, trained to create harmonious and refined pleasures around her, the road is long and involves going through several stages. A continuous glimpse of the spirit, rituals and changes in dress style and behavior until perfection.
The more Geisha is experienced,the more sober she is,the more gentle,the more graceful ,and she tends towards an elegance that favors everything…and body and spirit.

Geisha’s iconic value for Japanese culture can only be understood in the general social context based on the Bushido Code, dubbed “the soul of Japan” or “the way of the samurai.”
The synthesis between shintoism, confucianism and buddhism, the code of honor is based on a certain philosophy of life, about the law of karma. A solid society built on the eight virtues: the spirit of justice, the heroic courage, kindness and compassion, respect, integrity, honor, duty and loyalty and, of course, self-control.

In this context, the personality of Geisha appears as a tribute to the eternal feminine, meant to give meaning and charm to an otherwise austere existence.
Because Geisha is a national emblem of Japan, it seemed appropriate for me to join her the national flag of this country.”

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Available in Noktys Art House Collection -Romania -Transilvania zone
Tehnical description:
Technique – Oil - cardboard 40 x 30 cm.(With frame 46 x 36 cm)
Finished in year 2018
Author – Stoian Andrei Stefan
This artwork comes from the “Traces and prints in time”Collection.
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Art House

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