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Alternative vibrations

Noktys Nokte

Alternative vibrations

Noktys Nokte
  • Original Title: Vibrații alternative
  • Date: 2018; Romania  
  • Style: Abstract Expressionism
  • Genre: abstract
  • Media: oil, cardboard
  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

Author’s description:
„To admire the sky, especially during hot summer nights, has something mystical, disturbing, awakening in strange feelings that lead you to the greatness of cosmic architecture. You feel surrounded by energies pulsing on different frequencies, materializing and dematerializing alternately, in an endless continuum.

Alternative vibrations that configure parallel universes where our existence is consumed in a multitude of consecutive hypostases. If from the material point of view we are prisoners of this dimension,, from the spiritual point of view, we are free to travel without obstacles from one dimension to another.
In this artwork, alternative colors, light beams with different wavelengths, I have tried to suggest that the universe itself is a symphony of vibrations born from the wave-like movement of particles.

Vibrating from all the strings under the laws of physics, a harmony comes into being, that we can perceive only by associating in a unique vision the mind, the spirit and the matter.”

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Romania-Transilvania Area-Noktys art House (Workshop)
Tehnical description:
Technique – Oil - cardboard 40 x 30 cm.(With frame 36 x 46 cm)
Finished in year 2018
Author – Stoian Andrei Stefan
This artwork comes from the “Mysteries and enigmas at the frontier of knowledge“Collection.
© Copyright Reserved by Noktys Art House

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