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Claudio Castillo

Claudio Castillo combine the painting, animation and computer programming to together composed one piece of software art.
Unlike repetitive video art, these images endlessly evolve in a random progression in which no single composition will ever be precisely repeated; at least, not for hundreds of thousands to trillions of years, depending upon the number of layers in the painting.
Her explanation: "I have also integrated natural cycles into these works, such as the moon and the tides, which are represented figuratively in the paintings' imagery, while their animated movement and phases are controlled by real-world, real-time cycles, whose algorithms are programmed into the work".
The reactive pieces make use of Internet connectivity to reflect real-time weather, stock market and live news data within the work's imagery, creating artwork that responds live to incoming RSS feeds.

Claudio Castillo was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1958. He grew up and studied in Spain, France and England, and started technology and video companies in London, Madrid and New York. Actually, he live in Miami, US.

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