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Jonny Loutphi

Jonny Loutphi was born in Caracas (Venezuela), in 1972.
Since he was a child, he had passion for the world of technology.
That passion led to him programming an inventory software for the family business at his 12’s, although these devices weren’t very accesible.
That fact made him want to specialize in the area.
He studied in the Metropolitan University of Caracas graduating as a System Engineer (Computer Engineer similar).
As the years went by, and turned to an entrepreneur, he learned by himself how to 3D model, edit photos and to do three-dimensional animations to create his own promotional material, as a way to channel his artistic vein.
In Madrid (Spain), were he resided the last 5 years, he studied digital art and concept art in Trazos Academy, located in Madrid.
He also looked for ways to amplify his art vision, visiting a lof of museums in Europe.
This way, he acquired the knoledge about what art is to people in current times.
What in his childhood started as a passtime, it turned into a full-time dedication, managing to depict Modern Art, Kinetics and Optical Art in 3D, which ones combines in an avant-garde and harmonious way.
In October 2018, Loutphi introduced the Projected Art, a novel technique in which, through complex procedures, he works the image with more than 3000 projections, where each of them has a different angle and thickness, which creates an optical and three-dimensional unique design.

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