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The Card Players

Paul Cezanne

The Card Players

Paul Cezanne
  • Date: 1892
  • Style: Post-Impressionism
  • Period: Final period
  • Genre: genre painting
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Dimensions: 135.3 x 181.9 cm
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As a later work, The Card Players is more indicative of Cezanne’s earlier impressionism. It does have the thick lines and bright colors of the impressionist school, but also the fragmented quality that Cezanne used to separate the shapes and forms within his paintings. This painting was created in Cezanne’s mature period, in Provence, where he stabilized his family residence and completed many of his later paintings. It was at this time that Cezanne employed the use of his wife, son, local peasants, children, and art dealers as his models and subjects. You can almost image Cezanne sitting across from these two players in a local tavern, as he was inspired by them, returning to his estate to paint them.

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