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Goran Despotovski


Goran Despotovski
  • Original Title: SELECTION - The theme, Social, Installation 2013
  • Date: 2013; Serbia 
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Genre: installation
  • Media: cloth

The work Selection represents a group of people in a crowd - dummies without a face, dressed in casual male clothes, frozen in a confused and demented state, interrupted in a doing or an act. These are the figures of people who no longer have an identity, a specific image, and a singular character. Selection expresses visual and spatial dramaturgy of “tragic allenation“ that is being amplified by the absence of life inside its visible, corporal, and human domain. The work incorporates the criteria of coexistence which also incites a dialogue and creates possibilities for the viewer to complete them. The people/figures/dummies displayed should, both alegorically and symbolically, impel the viewer to connect and reconsider his/her own place in the society which dwells in permanent crisis on a global scale and whose values have frequently been corrupted. These revived bodiless forms, which arose from the time we used to live in, represent wraiths of generation and destiny flows, depicting an exposed man or the life aspects of an individual through the lens of various social impacts. Dummies/figures can be sorted in a group in a regular order, randomly, in opposite directions as a connotation of roaming, waiting, paranoia, confusion, or silence, apathy, utopia, etc. On the right arms of some dummies, from the multitude of others, there are insriptions attached to what seemingly looks like a brand label.
We know how we look. / We keep looking at each other. / It's embarrasing. / We know that. / We are tired, standing and waiting. / We were looking at each other. / There is something else. / We slowly start speaking. / We do not dare lift our eyes to look at one another. / There is nowhere to look in a mirror, but our appearance stands in front of us. / A hundred of miserable and sordid puppets. / If we talk, they don't listen. When they listen, they don't understand. / We are looking for a friendly face. / As always, there are plenty of rumors. / It's my turn. / We fall into the ground. / We wander among people.

Edited text (Primo Levi, If This Is a Man)

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