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Goran Despotovski


Goran Despotovski
  • Original Title: ERASED - The theme, Social, Installation 2012
  • Date: 2012; Serbia 
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Genre: installation
  • Media: cloth, wood

Erased is composed of four posed dummies in their whole-length with their heads bowed and leaned against four upholstered panels. Dummies/figures have no face or identity. They are people subdued by the unexpected and existing situation. The panels are made of old fabric – sheets with usable traces, stains, and the surface of the fabric is merged with text messages. The text and the figure are in direct, physical, and spiritual connection with the interpretation of the general condition a man is a part of. This installation implies tragic moments and the weariness of human spirit caused by different unpredictable circumstances.

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