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Goran Despotovski


Goran Despotovski
  • Original Title: SYNDROME IMBALANCE - The theme, Dead Water, Installation 2016
  • Date: 2016; Serbia 
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Genre: installation
  • Media: cloth, ceramics

The Syndrome of Imbalance displays male figures (dummies) in a group, wearing classic suits, sitting at the table which represents a ritual site and a meeting place. One figure is in supernatural floating position that absorbs the state during an ascension in view of other static figures in a sitting position. The figure that is ascending uses both hands to grab at a filled up water tank which is lying on the table. The water from the tank is a bearer of numerous messages which bring this figure in such a state of absence in comparison to other figures at the table. The remaining three figures are static and still. They are the synonym for socialization and the witnesses to the fate of the fourth one. The water in the water tank is still, murky, and dead. It contains submerged messages of insult and humiliation which stand equal to the insults that can be exchanged between two close persons during a conflict. As a result the figure standing in a supernatural position expresses its spiritual unease, putting the imposing emphasis on itself as a convict, culprit and victim, humiliated and humble person. This figure in an ascending illusion disturbs the balance and symetry of the balanced scene and exemplifies the inner unstable rebellion and a tempest which are reflected through the posture of its movement.

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