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Gerard Fromanger


Gerard Fromanger
  • Date: 1976
  • Style: Pop Art
  • Genre: figurative

In an interview with Coline Milliard, the artist declares: "At the time, I had problems with the generalization of the media; it was an issue in itself and in relation to art and art history. Could painting resist? Was it able to deliver information as strongly? In Existe, I perverted an image from an interview: I erased the person towards whom all the microphones were directed and replaced her by pure painting, a jungle, an explosion of colours. The piece brings together these two different worlds, arguing that painting can’t be properly communicated through media. It can be talked about, critiqued, filmed, but the nature of painting itself belongs somewhere else. It’s another kind of spectacle, another kind of communication. Presenting these two media side by side was for me a way to expose the stupefaction provoked by this confrontation."

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