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Marketta on Lázeňská street, Prague

Maria Bozoky

Marketta on Lázeňská street, Prague

Maria Bozoky
  • Original Title: Marketka kiszalad a Lázeňská-n
  • Date: 1985; Budapest, Hungary  
  • Style: Impressionism, Expressionism
  • Genre: portrait, cityscape
  • Media: watercolor
  • Dimensions: 41 x 29 cm

Lázeňská street is a charming area in Prague, known for its palaces, manicured gardens, churches and more. Visitors’ favorite area, captivates with its splendid Old-World appearance.

Famous composer Ludwig van BEETHOVEN went in Prague twice - in 1796 and in 1798. During his first visit, he stayed in guesthouse "U Zlatého Jednorožce / At Golden unicorn" at LAZENSKA Street. He preferred not to lodge in the centre of the city (may be following a personal permanent characteristic) but at the other side of Charles Bridge. In the very particular Prague's quarter called Mala Strana (The lesser Town). This place was usually frequented by artists and musicians back then. The building in which he lived is in the Nº 11 (in the past Nº 285) of LAZENSKA Street, in a baroque hotel, that today is called Beethoven Palace. When turning on the corner of the main entrance of the building, you can see the old entrance, where a plaque commemorates this famous man.(waymarking.com)

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  • Directed by: Ziya Demirel
  • Written by: Ziya Demirel, Buket Coskuner
  • Produced by: Ziya Demirel, Anna Maria Aslanoglu
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    Produced by: Anna Maria Aslanoglu - Istos film (Turquie / Turkey) / Olivier Berlemont & Emilie Dubois - oriGine films (France)

    Director - Ziya Demirel
    Writers - Buket Coskuner | Ziya Demirel
    Producers - Anna Maria Aslanoglu | Ziya Demirel
    Cinematographer - Meryem Yavuz
    Editor - Henrique Cartaxo


    Melis Balaban - Asli
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    Can Karacayli - Ozan
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