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Portrait of Pope Julius II


Portrait of Pope Julius II

  • Date: c.1511 - c.1512; Rome, Italy  
  • Style: High Renaissance
  • Genre: portrait
  • Media: oil, poplar
  • Dimensions: 108.7 x 81 cm
  • Order Raphael Oil Painting Reproduction
    Order Oil Painting

The portrait shows Giuliano della Rovere, Pope Julius II, elected in 1503 after one of the shortest conclaves ever (he bribed everyone). He was a lover of war, who led his own armies; and a lover of art, commissioning some of the greatest works in western history: Raphael's decorated rooms in the Vatican and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling. The presentation of the subject was unusual for its time: previous Papal portraits showed them frontally or kneeling in profile. It was also exceptional at this period to show the sitter so evidently in a particular mood. In fact, Julius was depressed because the city of Bologna had seceded from the papal states. He expressed his grief at this political disaster by growing a beard, imitating what Renaissance humanists had discovered was an ancient form of mourning. It is the beard that enables this portrait to be dated 1511-12. The intimacy of this image was unprecedented in Papal portraiture, but became the model, followed by most future painters, including Sebastiano del Piombo and Diego Velázquez.

*1513-1591 Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome
*1591 Cardinal Sfrondati, Rome
1608 Borghese Collection, Rome
1794-7 ?Possibly sold
1823 Angerstein Collection, London
1824 National Gallery London

*The link between these phases of the provenance and the NGL picture is not certain in comparison the version in the Uffizi. See references for more detail.

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