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Phase - Mother Earth

Nobuo Sekine

Phase - Mother Earth

Nobuo Sekine
  • Date: 1968 - 2008; Japan  
  • Style: Environmental (Land) Art
  • Genre: installation

Phase - Mother Earth, an influential land art work representative for the Mono-ha group, was constructed by Nobuo Sekine in 1968, with authorisation, in the Sumarikyu Park in Kobe. The work consists of a a hole dug into the ground, 2.7 metres deep and 2.2 metres in diameter, the excavated earth being compacted into a cylinder of identical dimensions. In 2008, 40 years after the original version, Sekine had his work recreated in Tamagawa’s Den-en Chofu Seseragi Park for an exhibition of outdoor art, “Tama Art Line Project”.

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