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The Running Man

Kazimir Malevich

The Running Man

Kazimir Malevich
  • Date: 1932 - 1933
  • Style: Neo-Suprematism
  • Genre: genre painting
  • Media: oil, canvas
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After pioneering a new form of artistic abstraction, Malevich turned to pioneering a new way of representing the human form, making a variety of new humanoid figures. This particular painting also has a very specific story. The running figure is said to be a representation of the Soviet government, running away after the persecution and murder of peasants. The humanoid figure runs through the canvas, evincing a mood of panic and fear. A bloodied sword of violence stands upright in the background. At this time in Malevich’s career, he was being persecuted by the Soviet government, and as such this painting is more than a representation of a social wrong, it was a personal condemnation of the violence that had been done to him.

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