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Morning in the Village after Snowstorm

Kazimir Malevich

Morning in the Village after Snowstorm

Kazimir Malevich
  • Original Title: Утро после грозы
  • Date: 1913
  • Style: Cubo-Futurism
  • Series: 1st Peasant Cycle
  • Genre: genre painting
  • Order Kazimir Malevich Oil Painting Reproduction
    Order Oil Painting

Morning in the Village after Snowstorm is a perfect example of Russian Cubo-Futurism. Not quite cubism, it was a method of portraying object via geometric shapes. This painting was created by Malevich in his earlier career, when his paintings were still representational and he had not clearly delineated his theories of suprematism. Russian art can usually fall within two vast categories: that of a unique artistic style and technique, and that which depicts the social life of the Russian people. Although Malevich’s paintings are often in the first category, this painting does have some elements of social awareness. His depiction of Russian peasants, trudging through a snowstorm, five years before the Russian Revolution, cannot be a mere coincidence.

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