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Joan Miro


Joan Miro
  • Date: 1924
  • Style: Surrealism, Automatic Painting
  • Genre: figurative
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Tag: allegories-and-symbols, maternity
  • Dimensions: 92 x 73 cm

The composition of Maternity is very schematic: reduced to its simplest forms, the female figure is scarcely recognizable in this painting. With one breast in profile and the other frontally depicted, almost moon-like, she nurses two stick-figure children as they hover in mid-air. Miró's interest in abstraction and the bizarre is evident as he takes a typical motif of Mother and Child and eliminates any element of realism. However, with the title, Maternity, Miró suggests that what remains after stripping away excess representation are the instinctual and emotional aspects of the relationship between mother and child that may not be evident in more naturalistic depictions.

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