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Ivan Aivazovsky


Ivan Aivazovsky
  • Original Title: Тонущий корабль
  • Date: 1854
  • Style: Romanticism
  • Genre: marina
  • Tag: storm-and-tempest, boats-and-ships, seas-and-oceans
  • Order Oil Painting

This painting is a testament to the artist’s skill of portraying light and dark. With nothing more than a pencil and gouache on paper, this scene illustrates the strong winds and crash of the waves with violent intensity. This intensity makes you fear for the safety of the standing observers, as if the waves threaten to dash the ship against the cliff, upon which they are standing, and throw them into the sea. Three seagulls fly over the ship, creating the slight sense that all hope is not lost, and seeming as if is not impossible to hope that the ship may not yet be lost.

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