Et in Arcadia ego


Start Date: 1637

Completion Date:1639

Style: Classicism

Genre: genre painting

Technique: oil

Material: canvas

Dimensions: 121 x 185 cm

Gallery: Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Tags: cemeteries-and-tombs

Poussin created two similar paintings, both of which revolve around figures in the countryside inspecting a tomb. Each has the same title, Et in Arcadia Ego, engraved on the tomb, which in Latin roughly translates as “I exist even in Arcadia,” as if it is spoken by the dead. Other interpretations of the saying state that the inscription on the tomb simply reads “I was an Arcadian.” Either way, this painting, in a more Baroque style reminiscent of his earlier works, remains one of Poussin’s most influential paintings. It has also inspired a documentary about the painting entitled In Arcadia, surrounding the Poussin painting.

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