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1984-1986, Frank Bowling

‘Spreadout Ron Kitaj’ has a richly decorated surface, made up of a number of materials. The main media are arcylic gel and acrylic paint, but the artist also used oil paint, damar, beeswax, chalk, and metallic pigments (nickel, silver, gold, rich pale gold, and pearlessence). In addition, acrylic foam, shredded plastic packing material, acrylic-based Christmas glitter, acrylic-based costume jewellery, plastic toys and oyster shells are embedded into the surface of the painting. Beneath the paint-encrusted surface lies a slightly raised circular shape and, less noticeably, straight forms, arranged to lie horizontally, vertically and diagonally, all of which were made from pieces of acrylic foam. The title refers to the American-born artist R.B. Kitaj.

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