Hans Memling

Hans Memling

Born: c.1430; Seligenstadt, Germany

Died: 11 August 1494; Bruges, Belgium

Field: painting

Nationality: Flemish

Art Movement: Northern Renaissance

School or Group: Bruges School, Flemish School

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Northern Renaissance

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Adoration of the Magi

Altarpiece in Lübeck Cathedral

Jean de Cellier Dyptich

The Passion

Portinari Triptych

Willem Moreel Triptych

St. John Altarpiece

St. John and Veronica Dyptich

Reliquary of St. Ursula

The Donne Triptych

The Last Judgment

Adriaan Reins Triptych

Triptych of the Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine of Alexandria

The Last Judgement

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still life


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