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Start Date: 1916

Completion Date:1918

Place of Creation: Rome, Italy

Style: Metaphysical art

Genre: allegorical painting

Gallery: Private Collection

Tags: allegories-and-symbols, Greek-and-Roman-Mythology, ruins-and-columns, muses, monuments-and-statues

One of the most famous paintings both by De Chirico and of all metaphysical art, The Disquieting Muses was painted in the city of Ferrara, Italy, during World War I. De Chirico considered Ferrara a perfect “metaphysical city,” and used much of the cityscape of Ferrara in the painting. The large castle in the background is the Castello Estense, a medieval fortress in the center of the city. The three “muses,” in the foreground of the painting, are “disquieting” due to the fact that they were the pathway to overcome appearances and allowed the viewer to engage in a discourse with the unknown. This painting inspired a poem by Sylvia Plath, also entitled “The Disquieting Muses.”

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