A.Y. Jackson

Alexander Young Jackson

A.Y. Jackson

Born: 03 October 1882; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Died: 05 April 1974; Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada

Field: painting

Nationality: Canadian

Art Movement: Art Nouveau

School or Group: Group of Seven

Genre: landscape

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Art Nouveau (Modern)


  • The Edge of the Maple Wood - A.Y. Jackson

    The Edge of the Maple Wood, 1910

  • Entrance to Halifax Harbour - A.Y. Jackson

    Entrance to Halifax Harbour, 1919

  • March Storm, Georgian Bay - A.Y. Jackson

    March Storm, Georgian Bay, 1920

  • Maple Woods, Algoma - A.Y. Jackson

    Maple Woods, Algoma, 1920

  • Early Spring, Quebec - A.Y. Jackson

    Early Spring, Quebec, 1923

  • Barns - A.Y. Jackson

    Barns, 1926

  • River St. Urbain - A.Y. Jackson

    River St. Urbain, 1930

  • Houses, St. Urbain - A.Y. Jackson

    Houses, St. Urbain, 1934

  • St. John's, Newfoundland - A.Y. Jackson

    St. John's, Newfoundland, 1951


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