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Sukhvir Sanghal

Sukhvir Sanghal was an Indian born artist who revolutionized the technique of making Wash Paintings. He Indianized the existing Chinese and Japanese wash techniques based on the Indian ‘rasa’ (emotional flavours) theory. His works express his original feelings and ideas through paintings in series form like epics in literature. He evolved the original technique for tapestry work in India for the first time for figure composition, landscape and portraiture with full tonal values. His dynamic methods of teaching imaginative, idealistic and subjective Indian painting are explained in his book ‘Bhartiya Chitrakala Paddhati’. He evolved and improved durable process of lacsit painting on wood with water or tempera color medium. He evolved a novel technique of Indian painting based on Ajanta, Rajasthan, Mughal style incorporating some creative and congenial eastern, chinese, japanese and western technical principles.

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