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Ad Parnassum

Paul Klee

Ad Parnassum

Paul Klee
  • Date: 1932
  • Style: Expressionism
  • Period: Late Works
  • Genre: cityscape
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Dimensions: 126 x 100 cm
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This painting, considered Klee’s masterpiece, is an example of Klee’s masterful skill with color. Small blocks of shifting colors float through the background, set in place with a thick black outline, evincing the idea of a building or a house. It is also the finest example of Klee’s ability in pointillism and technical ability as an artist. As an artist with great skill with color, he was also a great teacher at color mixing and theory. He wrote his great treatise, a collection of lectures, entitled Writings on Form and Design Theory, which is considered one of the most influential writings in modern art.

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