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The Fountain of Love

Jean-Honore Fragonard

The Fountain of Love

Jean-Honore Fragonard
  • Date: c.1785
  • Style: Rococo
  • Genre: allegorical painting
  • Media: oil, canvas
  • Tag: allegories-and-symbols
  • Dimensions: 50.7 x 63.5 cm
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During the French Revolution, Fragonard’s erotic and frivolous paintings depicting men and women in dreamlike play settings were in less demand. Most of his patrons, rich noblemen or members of Louis XV’s court, had either been exiled or guillotined. At this time, Fragonard began a series of paintings which explored the allegories of love in less frivolous ways, and this is one such painting. According to legend, the fountain of love had the ability to set hearts alight with love, and this painting, Fragonard beautifully illustrates a young couple eager to drink from the fountain, in which two cupids offer the pair a cup to drink.

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