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Dave Holt

Dave Holt

Dave Holt is a mixed media artist, sculpture, painter, and founder of the Futuretech Art movement. Holt studies advancing technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), supercomputers, automation, robotics, and explores its current and future societal and cultural impact on humanity and the art world.

Dave Holt has no formal art training; he is also known as an Art Brut or Outsider artist. He has been open about dealing with the mental challenges of OCPD – obsessive-compulsive, personality disorder, and anxiety.

In 2019, Holt experienced a series of life-changing traumas. In a very depressed state, he started working on an art project and created his first work of art TechVoid.

From June 2019 – October 2019, he created 12 major Futuretech mixed media artworks. In October 2019, he felt a strong impulse to paint, and between October 2019 – February 2020, he has created over 50 works of art on canvas and paper. Holt says that all of his art is a meditation that comes to him through his subconscious.

Holt believes that his paintings include unique symbols which cannot be traced to any past culture. According to him, these symbols are coming from the future and represent a time in the future when language will evolve telepathically to colors and symbols. Holt believes that the future of art will be more artistically, immersive, and interactive.

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