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If you like this project, and you would like to contribute to its development, here is what you can do:

  1. Translate this website into your native language. We have a user-friendly interface for quick translating of site content to any language.
  2. Edit and elaborate information that is already on WikiArt.org. By registering on this site, you can go to the page of your favorite artist — and correct any inaccuracies in the data, fill possible gaps in describing the works, add missing pictures, replace low quality images, and try to find names of not identified paintings.
  3. Report an error or low quality image. If you notice inaccurate information, grammatical errors, extraneous characters in the image, or any other problem, you can report it to our editors.
  4. If you have comments on the site or interesting ideas how to make it even better and more interesting — you can share them with us. We welcome constructive criticism and creative approach.
  5. And, finally, you can tell your friends and acquaintances about this site — via twitter, google and facebook  — and perhaps they will also want to bring something to this project. More people, greater results!

You can contact us by and we'll gladly give you more detailed explanation of how to contribute to WikiArt.org