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lutxana art

Judith Díaz Garcés

lutxana art as an artistic name and Judith Díaz Garcés as a person.

Multimedia artist who communicates ideas and channels personal energy with her vibration through the different artistic disciplines with an artistic vision since 1995: illustration, painting, video, writing, poetry, performance, design, multimedia, photography, etc.

Since she was little, she drew and painted, as a game: with her mother doing illustrations especially for crafts such as creating my own kite, fans, clothes; with my father, drawing soldiers and comics that he also drew, with my grandmother copying famous works on grids, with my cousin on Sunday afternoons drawing what she suggested, etc.

While studying art at various schools near Barcelona and downtown Barcelona, he won various awards and held all kinds of exhibitions in the city, also in Madrid city, and in Sitges and virtual art galleries.

She currently dedicates her work to illustration and shows her gallery on social networks and the web to always spread her inclusive, peaceful, active and creative vision of reality.

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