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Set Design for Scheherazade

Leon Bakst

Set Design for Scheherazade

Leon Bakst
  • Date: 1910
  • Style: Art Nouveau (Modern)
  • Genre: design
  • Tag: designs-and-sketches
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Bakst’s greatest artistic achievements are related to the theatre. His first debuted his elaborate stage designs for the Hermitage and Aleksandrinkii Theatres in 1902-03. His beautiful decorations led to further commissions, and in 1903-04 he was commissioned to complete the stage designs for the Marinskii theatre. By 1909, he had begun collaborating with Sergei Diaghilev, co-founding the Ballet Russes, for which he was the artistic director. By this time, was an internationally famous artist, renowned for his bright decorations and costumes. One of his most applauded designs is his set decoration for the ballet Scheherazade, in 1910, of which this is a design.

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