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The Bowl of Grapes

Georges Braque

The Bowl of Grapes

Georges Braque
  • Original Title: Le compotier de raisin
  • Date: 1926
  • Style: Cubism
  • Genre: still life
  • Media: oil
  • Tag: fruits-and-vegetables, dishware-and-cutlery

After his return from World War I, Braque broke with Pablo Picasso and began painting many still lifes, developing his cubist technique. Although he remained true to his cubist forms, his lines became softer and longer, and there was a more simplistic treating of what had been overly complex representations of forms. Many of his still lifes, as exemplified by this painting, include broad flat frontal planes, which are often discreet, and sometimes ornately patterned. In the peripheral areas of the painting, Braque added sand to his pigment, including an additional element to the painting, enhancing its textual variation.

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