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Fruitdish and Glass

Georges Braque

Fruitdish and Glass

Georges Braque
  • Date: 1912; France  
  • Style: Analytical Cubism
  • Genre: still life
  • Media: chalk, charcoal, collage, cardboard
  • Tag: fruits-and-vegetables, dishware-and-cutlery
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While they worked together in the French Pyrenees, Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso developed the methods of collage and papier colle. Developed specifically by Braque, papier colle is the method of creating a collage of flat pieces of material, arranged on the surface to form the shapes of what the painting is representing. Fruitdish and Glass is said to be the first attempt ever at a papier colle painting, in which Braque used textured pieces of wallpaper to create the collage. As a further textural element, Braque also included sand and sawdust into his painted works.

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