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Haystacks at Giverny

Claude Monet

Haystacks at Giverny

Claude Monet
  • Date: 1884
  • Style: Impressionism
  • Genre: landscape
  • Order Oil Painting

One of Monet’s series of paintings, Haystacks is a series of about 25 paintings, all depicting stacks of hay left in the field after harvesting. He began the paintings at the end of the summer of 1890, and continued until the next springs, using the harvests near his home in Giverny, France. Because of the repetitious subject matter, in this series Monet was not as concerned about the haystacks themselves as he was depicting the differences in light and color surrounding the haystacks in the different seasons, time of day, and weather. The paintings are now held in galleries, museums, and private collections around the world, and are some of his most notable works.

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